Bobblehead Sizes

By default our custom bobblehead dolls come approximately 7 inches tall. This includes from the bottom of the base to the top of the head.

During the gift shop online order process of your custom bobble, choose from the following sizes:

  • 7 inch custom bobble (standard size)
  • 9 inch custom bobble
  • 12 inch custom bobble
  • 16 inch custom bobble

When selecting a custom bobble size, it is important to understand for example that our 7 inch bobble doll compared to a 9 inch bobble doll will not only be 2 inches larger in height. The entire proportion of the doll becomes larger, making it much wider as well as high.

If you choose one of our premade custom bobblehead doll bodies, you will see that some of them are on the ground or even sitting or in a car. The actual size will be reduced to capture the proper proportion making your “size selected” possibly smaller.

Colors, Logos, Options

All of our custom bobble head dolls are made to order. This means, unlike other websites, you literally design the doll as you want.

That means, perhaps a specific outfit, logo, color, name, number on a shirt. We can do it all for you.

How about add other accessories such as glasses, hats, small items, pets, vehicles and more. Our online order form allows all the possibilities.

Let us create a perfect custom bobble head doll for you today.

Coupon Codes

From time to time, JJ Snowglobes, LLC offers different coupon codes in media and online. Please note, we only can accept 1 coupon code per order. Multiple users per order are not accepted. If used, we will honor the highest code presented and the other codes if used, will be invalid. We will apply the proper charge back to the payment method on file. Specific priced jobs are not subject to coupon codes as the price is discounted during the proposal.

Do you have a catalog?

Unfortunately, we do not because we offer full custom made dolls.

All product information is based on what you choose during the online checkout process.

Do your heads bobble?

We receive this question a lot, the answer is yes all our heads do bobble.  We also can make fixed heads if you would like, just let us know in the order notes section of the order form.

Material We Sculpt With

Resin Bobblehead Doll

The strongest and most common type bobble head material to sculpt with. By default, our website will provide you with a resin material for your custom bobble head doll at no additional fee. We use a 2-step process when creating your custom bobble. First, we will hand sculpt your personal creation custom bobble out of a dark clay and email to your actual photo proofs of the bobble sculpt in progress for your approval (requires 2-3-week time line or greater. Bobble orders less than 2 weeks will have internal proofing available only by our trained staff). Once you approve your custom bobble, we fire the clay (bake) and move to the next proof stage. In this stage, we will paint your custom bobblehead doll to the specifications of the order. Upon completion of the hand painted bobble, we will resend you an email proof to show off our personal creation to you for approval. Once approved, we finalize the steps necessary to mail the item to you.

Photo Type and Hair Facts

We accept the following photo types on our online order form.

Jpg, BMP, png, AI
PS, PDF, Gif

Per order, we require at least 1 head photo in the expression of the person we are creating. We use 1 photo per head only and can not combine features between multiple photos.

Body photos are not required but we do best when we sculpt from what we can see. Description will work as well.

Hair Styles and bobblehead dolls.

We fall back to the primary photo in regards to the hairstyle. We recommend for some folks who wear their hair a certain way in the back to provide a rear or profile photo so we can see the type of hair they are referring to.

Important note, our bobblehead dolls are created with resin which is very hard by nature. Due to the construction of our dolls, the hairline must not interfere with the shoulders or neck. We will do our best to make the hair on the doll low enough to allow a bobble action. If the hair is lower than the shoulders, the movement will be restricted. Requests to make the hair in the front and back below the shoulder; is fine but your doll will have limited or no movement within the head. For this type of doll, we recommend our clients to order a fixed head type where we have no limitations. If you provide a photo with long hair, we will do our best to make the hair like the photo and provide as much movements as possible. But we do urge you to only create the hair above the shoulder to allow our bobblehead dolls the maximum bobble action.

Some Assembly Required

As all our dolls are created by hand, they sometimes need to be shipped and packed into styrofoam or into different packing material such as this:

The main doll is wrapped in various bubble wrap and foam, placed into a secure setting within the main box. Sometimes, different parts of the doll are needed to be shipped separate from the main doll and like the base listed below, the use of crazy glue works best for assembly. We feel it is better to have every effort to allow your dolls to arrive safely than damaged.

The base may be separated from the doll, wrapped along the same lines and placed into its own created spot within the Styrofoam.

To assemble, we recommend “crazy glue” which works best.

As we try very hard to prevent any troubles on receipt, please understand we pack them as they need to be packed to help assure this.

Sending photos snail mail

If you are looking to send us photographs through the standard mail, you would send them to us at:

JJ Snow Globes, LLC
Full custom bobblehead division

10046 Shooting Star Court
New Port Richey, FL 34655

Order number: FCB-??????  (This will be on your receipt or order info when the order was completed.

Include your order number on the back of the photo – and the mailing envelope.

If you would like us to return the photo back to you-you will need to supply us a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Any photos received without one will be discarded after we scan them into our computer system. We bear no responsibility for lost photos in the mail.

What Countries do you Ship to?

We ship worldwide.

Website Currency?

All prices are in US dollars.