How much does it cost for a custom bobblehead doll?

1.  The answer to how much it costs to make a custom bobblehead doll is based on what it is you are trying to create!  That is no trouble though because our website provides easy ordering of a custom bobblehead doll with just a few keystrokes.  Well a couple more than few but full custom allows you to create your head, body, pose, clothing and colors.  Adding additional options are also available on the order form.

Our pricing is from:

A full custom one person bobblehead doll starts at $ 99.99

A full custom two person bobblehead dolls starts at $ 169.99

A full custom three person bobblehead doll starts at $ 234.99

A full custom four person bobblehead doll starts at $ 299.99

A full custom five person bobblehead doll starts at $ 479.99

A full custom pet bobblehead dolls starts at $ 109.99


We also create bulk orders and have special discounted pricing for wedding parties.