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    Three Person Full Custom Bobble Head

    The three-person custom bobblehead doll is hand sculpted and painted, so you can give a unique custom gift.  Design each person with their own head, pose/clothing and colors.  All you need to do is send us the photos, which can be conveniently attached during the ordering process. Don’t want the family pet to feel left out? You can also add …

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    Four Person Full Custom BobbleHead

    Looking for a gift for the family or a corporate gift?  Does this four person custom bobblehead doll makes a perfect gift for your children, fur babies, grandchildren or perhaps for the winning team at work?   We believe we can add a bit fun to your special …

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    Five Person Full Custom BobbleHead

    Our five-person custom bobblehead doll is a perfect gift for many occasions.  Perhaps use the five-person bobblehead doll for a big event, office party or of your children. Design each person in the pose, clothing and colors you like.  The price of this includes, the custom head, body poses, clothing styles and colors for each person.

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