Hiker/Camper bobblehead doll


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This nature loving hiker/camper bobblehead doll is a premade body design.  The body of this  hiker/camper bobblehead doll, will look like the photo; however it will have the head that you send us a photo of.  If you for some reason just have a hatred of yellow, we can totally relate and do offer the ability for you to change the colors on the pre-made bodies.

Order your nature loving hiker/camper bobblehead doll today!

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We offer several timelines, to ensure we can meet your needs, prior to payment.  Options as fast as 1 week are available and yes, we said 1 week, made and delivered.

If you’re that type of person, that likes to express more of your creative flair, then we wanted to offer you that ability.  We give you (can a get a drum roll please) : Create your own full custom bobblehead!  Whether it is for 1 person or families, we offer many ways to customize your doll. We offer you the link below as a fast pass (and we don’t even charge) your way to our full custom dolls.  Simply click now. https://www.fullcustombobblehead.com/

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