#1 Fan bobble head doll

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At last a women can show her appreciation for the team of her choice.  This is a #1 fan custom bobblehead doll.  We can make the jersey any color you would like with our change color option below on the order form.  This #1 fan custom bobblehead doll is sure to be the perfect gift idea for the love of your life.  This is considered our premade body design.  Select this item and we can create for you a custom #1 fan bobble head based on the likeness of the photo that you provide to us.  We will attach it to the premade body of your choice and send it directly to you.

Order your hero themed custom bobble head doll today!


Ordering a custom bobble head doll is very easy with  All we require is a couple of moments of your time, a few selections, a photo and place your order.

We offer several timelines prior to payment for you to select from.  Options as fast as 1 week made and delivered.


Seeking a full custom head and body, try our full custom bobblehead doll selections here on our front page:



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