Pet Full Custom Bobble Head

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Keep your sweet family pet immortalized forever in resin clay (the bobbling head just makes it even better) with the pet full custom bobblehead. This mean you design your favorite pet/s any way you choose!  For example, adding a Halloween costume, favorite stuffie toy, ball or even a unique collar can allow your pet/s to be even further personalized.  Capture that cute pose they always sit or lay in, maybe it’s a silly expression they have all the time. Most importantly, these unique quirks about your pet is what makes these bobbleheads great gifts!

I’m recommending you scroll down just a tiny bit further for the photo suggestions to help you create the best bobblehead.

Select yes to begin opening the order form.  Each section will guide you through until the completion.  Look over at that cute sweet pet of yours and click yes!

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    Explain how you want us to create the body.  If you have a photo you would like us to replicate, just write:  see photo

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    • (max file size 1 GB)

    We will color the pet as seen in the photos so provide enough where we can see each part.

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    • (max file size 1 GB)
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    • 100 $

    We add text to the lip of the base

    .50 per letter/space

    • .5 $ (.50 per character)

    If you have a photo of your dog house, let us see it.

    • (max file size 1 GB)
    • (max file size 1 GB) $


Qualified Artist and quality photos:

This pet full custom bobblehead doll  is made from a high-quality resin clay. Each head is hand sculpted by artisans that specialize in sculpting clay.  Sculpting the head and face to resemble the photo that you are providing, means we need a good photo.

Providing a good quality photo is very important. For pets we need a full front facing photo, a photo of your pets favorite pose, a side profile and don’t forget your sweeties tail. To capture an even better likeness of your pet, any photos that show unusual fur markings or colors would be helpful. 

Body posing for pet full custom bobblehead:

Secondly, the artist hand sculpts, the poses and clothing (yes, I said clothing, it happens), from a description or photo provided by you. For examples of poses:  sitting, standing, yoga poses, “paw” stands,  sitting on the toilet, holding a ball or favorite toy in their mouths or just about any other pose you can possibly come up with! Sunglasses or hats can be added too.

Looking for Accessories:

Did someone say accessories? Yes, we offer those too! From cars, motorcycles, couches, chairs, desks, bikes, pianos, the cute family, a llama, in addition to the kitchen sink. Logos are available to add to shirts or the base. Similarly, offering decal texting for the base is available.

Painting Bobbleheads:

In the last step, the artist begins the intricate detailing process of painting your  precious pet custom bobblehead. Baked first, the bobbleheads are then ready for painting with the colors chosen by you. Proofing is once more emailed for your approval.

Packing and shipping:

We are almost there! Lastly, the bobblehead/s are nestled into their own bedding of Styrofoam, and carefully packaged for their journey home.  After that, providing a tracking number once the package is ready for shipping is the last step!

Bobblehead gift ideas:

Your imagination is our only limitation!  Most importantly,all of the full custom bobblehead products make excellent gift ideas. Make a family of snow men, or how about that famous Christmas family PJ photo? On a bowling team or baseball team, golf, hunting or fishing? Perhaps a corporate gift for the team that finished the project on time? Great for a wedding to include the wedding party, or maybe as a wedding cake topper. Do you know a superhero you would like to thank? Maybe a teacher, police officer, military or other amazing people in your life…now is the time to make them bobble and say thanks! Let’s not forget about our amazingly awesome family pets! They make into very adorable bobbleheads (fixed heads are available on request).

In conclusion, Our team simply wants to say, “We look forward to making you bobble”!


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