Our Return Policy

Since all our work is completely made to order, just for that special person, we cannot offer a partial or full refund and as a result all sales are final. 

By placing this order and completing the checkout – you agree that you cannot cancel, return or dispute against payment in the event you are not happy with the product. 

While most of our clients are thrilled with their custom crafted gifts, some are not. 

All custom-made items are not meant to be exact replicas of your faces or accessories.

Our artists find distinguishing characteristics and accentuate those to create a likeness.

In the event you receive an item and want to request a change, we cannot accept post repair dolls.  We are unable to make these type modifications to any completed doll, as our process for the final doll is to bake them. Therefore, no further change can be made.  Once received, our transaction is considered complete.  During the production we do offer photo proofs on most time lines for our clients to assist us in making modifications or approvals, so when you receive your doll you will be satisfied.

If you do not agree, we urge you not to complete this order. Since they are always made-to-order as a result there is No refunds and all sales are final.